5 Effective Ways to Target Tech Talents

The tech industry in the UK is currently looking overseas to fill the talent gap. City A.M. report that the skill gap is growing and is costing the UK economy £100bn a year. As the skill gap increases, companies are finding it harder to recruit top talent to their companies. To better attract their target audience, tech firms should maximise these steps to increase the chances of attracting the brightest talent to the company.

Make Your Company Website Standout

In today’s business landscape, every business and service should have an impressive digital presence. The first point of contact for potential candidates is likely to be through the company’s website. The homepage should be designed to give a clear indication of the company and present an attractive work culture to potential candidates. This is especially true for companies looking to attract tech talents, as they will be able to easily spot a poorly designed website.

Look For Prime Digital Real Estate

There is an abundance of online platforms that attract job seekers and it is your job to find a way to integrate your brand with them. As there is a wide array of publishers available online, you also have to be smart on where and how you grab these ad placement opportunities. Tech.co highlights that creating enticing marketing messages on these placements is what generates interest and awareness. The key is to make sure that postings stay up-to-date and relevant.


Business-and-employment oriented social networking sites such as LinkedIn can facilitate the screening process of picking the right and most fitting employees. During the third quarter of 2016, Statista revealed that LinkedIn had approximately had 467 million members. This gives companies a wide canvas to target suitable applicants. Creating a brand page on LinkedIn will also increase awareness of your company and allow you to post job postings.


Facebook has changed the world by not only connecting friends, but also brands to costumers and potential employees. Companies have used Facebook to promote their brand and collect data on consumer habits. The latest form of advertising on the social media platform is Facebook Canvas. This new type of online advert creates a mini advert within the homepage that allows the end users to swipe through carousels, view exciting photos and videos, and even interact with the advert. While brands are using this to create fully interactive adverts, recruiters could also use Canvas to create attractive job postings. Brands and companies have seen an increase in page clicks by 42%. From a recruiters’ standpoint, this avenue can be utilised to target and engage possible tech candidates. The number of clicks can also be used as data to refine the company’s recruitment strategies.

Participate in University Job Fairs

Fostering ties with leading tech universities plays a crucial role in landing top talent. To successfully build your company’s brand in a certain campus, you have to put forward enticing internship programs that would lead to gainful employment. In a Forbes interview with Josh Graber, NewsCred’s Head of Talent Acquisition, he stresses that “one of our best tactics is to attack career fairs at universities side-by-side with members of our engineering team. Bringing technical talent along gives prospective engineers the opportunity to ask technical questions and gives them the chance to know people that they may ultimately end up working with.” This gives tech students the chance to meet the people they would potentially be working with and get inspired.

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