4 Easy ways technology can improve your hiring process

The recruitment and HR industry is evolving rapidly, especially when it comes to attract, assess and hire job fit candidates. Every HR personnel is trying to put their own unique spin on daily activities, tasks in order to streamline the hiring process and hire quality candidates.

So, what unique ways recruiters are adapting nowadays?

To avoid a long, arduous, and costly hiring process, recruiters use HR tools and technologies to increase productivity, speed things up, and find the right employee at the right time.

By looking at the increased demand for potential, job fit employees in the candidates driven market, a shrinking or limited size recruiting-team of every organization investing in new-age recruitment tools and technologies.

Let’s understand the relationship between technology and recruitment:

Way-1 – Understanding recruitment needs and writing effective job descriptions

The first step of the recruitment process begins with understanding the company’s hiring needs and identifying a vacant job position in terms of roles and responsibilities.

Considering the company’s broad (Hiring different roles across the company) or specific (Hiring for one particular position), recruitment needs recruiters to create a useful job description. It is based on the knowledge, skills, and experience required for the job role.

How technology helps in writing effective job descriptions?
An effective job description is a part of recruitment marketing. It’s a chance to create a first impression and connect with potential candidates.

So, to eliminate the risk of losing potential candidates at the first impression, you can use a text analyzer tool. This recruitment tool not only optimizes the job description as per your recruitment needs but also calculates its effectiveness and maintain the balance of inclusive language with its advanced algorithm.

The more appealing and inclusive job descriptions you create, the more groups of diverse candidates you attract.

Way-2- Sourcing & Attracting candidates

In today’s candidate-driven job market, it is essential for a recruiter to attract quality candidates. Nowadays, candidates don’t just want a decent salary, but they look for factors such as company culture, values, and scope for their professional development.

So how to source and attract the quality candidates in this competitive edge?
Investing in the right recruitment technology which can help you in every aspect of hiring a job fit candidate for your organization.

How technology helps in attracting candidates?
Recruitment technologies play a vital role in finding the right talent. Its advanced algorithm identifies potential candidate’s online profiles which lead to attracting and sourcing active as well as passive candidates.

A new candidate sourcing technology helps you source both external and internal candidates by screening the candidate’s online profiles in your applicant tracking system and identifies an ideal match for your current job opening.

Earlier recruiters and hiring teams were not able to this accurately and quickly. But due to the implementation of recruitment tools attracting and sourcing good talent has become easy for them.

Way-3 candidate assessment

The most crucial stage in the recruitment process is identifying suitable and job fit candidates based on their skills, knowledge, and experience.

But it’s a challenging function for recruiters to evaluate candidates based on the skills mentioned in the resume or through telephonic interviews.

However, technology is evolving rapidly, and there are several pre-employment testing platforms recruiters and hiring managers can use to assess and hire a job fit candidates faster.

How does technology help in candidate assessment?
The most significant pain point of the HR industry is increased applicants, time and cost consuming traditional evaluation methods, risk of poor hires, and higher staff turnover.

Like other departments in an organization, HR also needs to be productive and hire quality talent for the organization. A new recruitment technology called candidate assessment tool can help them to speed up the process and evaluate applicants based on their job skills, personality traits, and logical reasoning.

There are many perks of incorporating technology in your candidate screening or assessment. The Al-based candidate skills assessments evaluate whether the applicant is job fit and culture fit based on his/her performance.

It eliminates the risk of bad hires by automatically screening, grading shortlisting candidates for you.

Way-4- Interviewing

Once you have quality talent in your bucket, you are all set for the last stage of recruitment that is interviewing and hiring your next best employee. This stage also includes onboarding and training.

There are various ways of conducting interviews, but depending on the industry, region, and the role itself, recruiters can choose a suitable way.

How technology helps in interviewing candidates?
From the past decades, technology has made it easier for Interviewer and candidates to conduct interviews in different ways and interview for a job being in different locations, respectively.

An interview held over a video call will help you in a much better way to evaluate a candidate when you already have a long list of applicants. It may reveal characteristics like conversation skills, tone, body language, and responsiveness that telephonic round and CV many not show.
The video interviewing tools can not only schedule interviews, save your time, but it records the conversation, and provides a facility to watch it at your convenience.

Nowadays, many companies are using Chatbots to interview by helping answer candidate questions.


Recruitment technology is not going to be just a buzzword in 2020. It has already become an essential prerequisite and plays an integral role in the recruitment process. By looking at today’s competitive market demands, organizations are using advanced recruitment technologies to increase efficiency in the hiring process. The recruitment assessment tools collect, collate, and communicate information with candidates with ease and speed up the recruitment process.
Let us know which recruitment technologies are you using to streamline your recruitment process?

This is a collaboration between Pankaj Deshmukh and Jennifer Birch.

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