5 Finance Apps For 2019

What makes a great finance app? The answer to this question lies in your own personal financial needs. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps that provide a wide range of financial services. Whether you’re concerned about your personal, business, or household expenses, there’s an app that can help.


This is the go-to app for general financial information. Tom’s Guide explains that Wally collates nearly every aspect of your finances and provides detailed analysis. This includes the option to set a savings target, as well as a spending budget based on your income. Apart from allowing you to quickly see how much you’re spending, Wally also includes social and location tools, which gives you insights into how much you’re spending, as well as where you’ve been spending your money (and who you’re with) – all organised via neat infographics that make your personal financial info easier to understand.

You Need a Budget

“Embrace your true expenses, give every dollar a job, age your money, and roll with the punches.” These are the Four Rules on which You Need a Budget (YNAB) is built upon. YNAB allows you to import checking account transactions and organise them into different budget categories, which you can adjust in case you overspend or under-budget certain vital expenses. YNAB’s claim to fame is that its new users can look forward to saving an average of £500 per month, which amounts to more than £6,000 per year.


Mint remains one of the most useful financial apps for managing everyday expenses. This is generally because of how Mint does a little bit of everything, including tracking your spending, paying your bills on time, encouraging users to set financial goals, monitoring established monthly budgets, and even providing your updated credit score. It’s a must-install for financial newbies or anyone looking to keep their spending under wraps.

Clarity Money

Backed by the likes of legendary investor George Soros, and founded by Adam Dell, Clarity Money is relevant because it offers solutions aimed at managing subscriptions to products and services. Clarity Money will cancel any wasteful accounts you don’t really need, aims to help lowering your bills, and ultimately manage your overall financial life. Perhaps the main difference between most other apps and Clarity Money is that it links directly to your bank account and allows you to take action directly from the app. In short, while most other apps can only organise your expenses and offer advice, this app can directly provide you with financial management services.


One of the most consistently highly-rated apps on this list is also one of the oldest. Blockfolio has been around since October 2015, and since then, it has provided cryptocurrency traders with a reliable and mobile way of managing cryptocurrency assets. This is why their claim to fame of being the “world’s most popular Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management App” is actually true. With impressive charting abilities and support for more than 200 different crypto exchanges, as well as the option of turning on instant alerts whenever specific price levels are hit, Blockfolio continues to be one of the most reliable and useful crypto managements apps available for this year.

These are some of the most useful finance apps available in 2019. While many of these apps do not necessarily meet all of Techie Doodlers’ 5 Qualities of a Successful Mobile App, each one’s design and content are enough to provide a much-needed service that’s conveniently accessible via consumers’ smartphones.


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