5 Holiday Trends to watch out for in 2015

In the most auspicious time of the year, businesses are getting busy to present their best holiday items on their shelves. As shoppers receive their bonuses and get excited for Christmas and New Year, they can buy almost anything that is present at each store. But, think again. There are going to be plenty of changes to the way modern customers shop this season. In this post, we want to highlight five holiday trends every business must prepare for.

Shoppers are wiser
Technology made human smarter, especially with the prevalence of smartphones that have practically become an extension of themselves. This holiday season, shoppers will be more vigilant before purchasing any items and will revert to researching more about it online before swiping a card. If you think word-of-the-mouth marketing will still work, think again. It seems 81% are keen in doing internet holiday research over only 29% who still rely on their relatives, friends, and colleagues for information on products.

YouTube becomes relevant
One of the common online platforms that shoppers will use to research about items online will be YouTube videos. This time around, their peers and connections will be the biggest influencers in consuming the said videos online. It appears that their review and suggestion will be more important than those of the experts. Compared to 45% who prefer videos from experts, 80% prefer watching product reviews and ratings while 68% favor those videos suggested by “people like me” option.

Early shopping
Gone are the days when people get busy the last minute to finish their Christmas gift list. Shoppers will be more prepared this holiday season as they have already started ticking their list even before Black Friday. They no long wait for a single sale day to do their holiday shopping. In fact, one-fourth said they have started some of their holiday shopping even before Halloween.

No longer just about the brand
It seems consumers are now more open in choosing non-familiar brands than the big players on the market. Not that they want to buy something cheap, but they are now looking to try and test new stores and products. Forty one percent said they have purchased from a new retailer, while more than 50% said they are open to buying from new stores.

More online, less physical stores
Everything is now made more connected, so does the shoppers. They are now more interested to purchase items through online stores or its app counterpart than before. Forty percent of holiday shopping this year is expected to occur via eCommerce websites, while 53% of online shopping will be done via mobile devices (12% higher than in 2014). Mobile searches have been greatly linked to retail sales, too.

The following holiday trends will be highly helpful to businesses, especially startups willing to target shoppers this Christmas and New Year. We hope it helped you get an idea on how you can retarget your marketing campaign this season. If you have more trends that you know will affect holiday shopping, leave us a comment below!

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Photo Credit: Stitcher Scribbler via Compfight cc


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