Empatica’s Embrace Wearable tracks and detects seizure

Although top mobile companies introduced us to their own fitness bands and smartwatches in 2014 and in 2015, experts predicted that 2016 will be the “year of wearable tech,” where more advanced devices will be launched on the market. The successful release of the long-awaited Apple Watch (once dubbed as iWatch) made a standard that is quite difficult to break. Early this year, we witnessed some of the top health-related wearables from mobile giants like Samsung at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015, particularly bands that assist specialized illnesses.

One particular wearable that imade a buzz for its one-of-a-kind feature is the crowdfunded Embrace band by Empatica that is said to track, detect, and assist people with chronic seizure attack. At its Indiegogo page, it has exceeded its goal of $100,000 and made revenue support of more than 367 percent. The first wave of Embrace band were delivered in early July 2015.

How will the Embrace compete on the market
Similar to the design of most smart wristwatches today, it has a band with a bezel that gets data from the user which will then be sent to the handset that has the paired app. The developer made two applications to be paired with this wearable – the Mate and the Alert. The Empatica Mate is the digital health diary of the user where it presents all data from the user’s daily activities including sleep patterns and personal stress. On the other hand, the Empatica Alert is more focused on detecting epilepsy attacks and sending a notice to a family, friend, or carer’s attention when an emergency happens. Compared to the top smartwatches by the big mobile brands, the Embrace is said to focus more on assisting patients with seizure history than providing a mobile-related features. But design-wise, it is competitive with its lush Italian leather band, polished metal case, and magnetic snap. So far, it is the “thinnest smart watch” of its kind out there.

For $189, supporters were able to sign up for their “Proud Supporters: get 1 give 1,” where they can take home one of this wearable and give another one to a child at the Epilepsy Foundation.

Other revolutionary health devices to consider:
Apart from the Embrace, there are other innovative technologies set to be released next year that are focused on health and wellness.
1. Google and Novartis’s Smart Lens
Another revolutionary device set to make a buzz soon is the Smart Contact Lens technology being developed by Google in partnership with pharmaceutical giant Novartis. Compared to the Glass, this gadget is a contact lens that has its own chipset that sends data about the wearer regarding their blood-sugar level. Ideal for diabetics, the chipset and sensors analyze glucose in a human tears and sends the data to the user’s handset containing the paired app.
2. Jawbone UP Move
Wearables are expected to provide us more than monitoring our heart rate, but also not missing any health-related activities daily. Released along with the updated version of the company’s iconic fitness band (UP 3), the UP Move is focused on reminding its users not to forget their exercise or workout session. It has a built-in Smart Coach that tracks your sleep and steps taken. It also advises the users of the activities they need to change and how to move more every day.
3. Smart Bra
Another specialized device for health is the Smart Bra that can assist people with breast cancer. Developed by First Warning Systems, the technology was initially announced in late 2012 that has raised $560,000 support. However, it took them until recently to proceed with the project and now it is expected to be released late this year in the United States. The gadget monitors changes in the metabolic temperature that is caused by cancer cells.

Overall, wearable devices will continue to surprise us this year and in 2016 with their revolutionary features and designs. But, apart from its smart technology and appearance, its health benefits will be another reason for mobile users to consider purchasing any wearables soon.

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