Calling SME Owners: Here’s How to Effectively Create your Marketing Videos

Do you want to successfully advertise your brand and make your products trend online? We got you covered. Video marketing is one of the extremely popular techniques to be noticeable online. Whether it’s through YouTube or emerging social media channels such as Vine or Instagram, uploading one will help your enterprise gain new customers and a strong online following. The only challenge left is how to create an effective visual content to popularize your products and/or services. Are you ready to get famous? We’ll give you simple and cost-effective tips in creating a valuable, smart, and succinct marketing video for your startup.

Identify Your Target Demographics
Defining the target audience should be your initial step, which is a certain group of consumers or even businesses to whom you should market your products for higher sales. Identifying your target demographics will help you focus when brainstorming for ideas. We also advise that you visualize one person from that demographic to represent the ideal prospect. Remember, an effective video should appear like as if you were talking to a friend rather than a large group of audience.

Begin With A Script
It’s best to come up with a script that includes the overall message you wish to convey in the short film. Break down these messages into catchy dialogues containing words that are easy to understand, even in a limited period of time. When creating your dialogue, make sure that it is executable in less than four minutes. According to Digital Sherpa, it is the ideal video length to keep your viewers engaged.

Create Interesting Narrative
Your video shouldn’t just talk about your products and services, as it will bore the audience and will most likely stop viewing your presentation until the end. It should showcase an interesting, unique, and mind-boggling narrative. Tell a story about how your brand can change a person’s life. It’s okay to make it humorous so long as it’s realistic. Like any other great story, your plot should include a climax and a resolution, which should result to recommending one of your service or product. However, it is important to provide value to your marketing video. Otherwise, it will look like a hard-sell sales pitch of your brand. Below are some of the pointers you must take into consideration:
• It should start with personal or societal issues you wish to address. In such a way, your audience can relate to your material. Your brand should not be the highlight of the entire presentation.
• It must be personal in approach, but universal in context.
• People will find your content valuable if its easy to digest even when given a limited period of time.

Include A Call To Action
Your presentation should end with a short message and a question that will capture your audiences’ mind. What action/s you would like them to take after viewing the video? Is it to buy your product? To subscribe to your video channel or to sign-up with your newsletter? It might be an obvious step for them, but, these important reminders are the ones that are commonly overlooked after watching an advertisement.

Optimize Your Video For Search
After uploading your video, you should add relevant hashtags that people are constantly looking for in search engines. Even your title should also be search-friendly. Do not use words that are too technical and highfalutin. To know the trending and popular keywords that are relevant to your video, you can use online tools such as Keyword Planner and Google AdWords. Note: your description section should also include these keywords to maximize success of being discovered online by random visitors.

Distribute Your Video Widely
Posting the video online, whether in YouTube, Vine, or Instagram isn’t the final step. You should continuously distribute it as widely as possible. If you have a channel on YouTube, you can post the video as a response to other similar posts. Or, you can send out a link to your video in your next e-newsletter blast to your subscribers. You can also maximize the use of Facebook and Twitter accounts to post a link to your videos and reach more viewers.

Keeping these tips in mind, your business will make its video debut online a success. Creating a digital marketing material isn’t a difficult venture. It only requires you to have a real vision and creativity. Do you have other tips worth sharing?

Photo Credit: Pete Prodoehl via Compfight cc (courtesy of Joe The Goat Farmer)

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