TomTom Go 50 Review: Mapping the Entire Europe

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TomTom Go 50 is a very useful satnav device for the entire Europe. Wherever you want to go in Europe, your TomTom Go 50 will guide you over the right way. Here’s a review to give you a little bit more information about the TomTom Go 50.

Though there are plenty of smartphones available with various smart technologies, the satnav device is a must-have. Under the app roof, we can find plenty of apps for the navigation, but we cant get the right way as satnav. It is having the ability to communicate with either an Android phone or an iPhone via Bluetooth. The satnav allows you to know the Live traffic updates for free of cost and also updates to the mapping data, for 39 European countries. The device comes along with the accessories USB cable and cigarette lighter adaptor for in-car charging.

Place this Go 50 front and drive to the right place. The Go 50 really easy to use and mount it over the mounting bracket and it will navigate you with your current position and give detailed navigation along with the nearby traffic conditions. TomTom make a big thing easy, but the other units takes you to a main menu first. The only sad thing is that, the Go 50 screen is a resistive touchscreen. Overall, the main aim of this device is to make hard things easier.

Now functionality, the Go 50 menu system avail with many, but the resistive type make your scroll tough enough. To begin with the search you can say Hello TomTom for voice recognition, which is sensible while you are in driving. Once you type in your destination, it shows up on the large map, which says real-time traffic information so you can see which routes are currently busy and which ic apt to reach the destination as soon as possible. The navigation screen split into two sections, one is your right position and then some useful information as the second one, such as how far away you are from your destination, live traffic warnings, weather warnings, petrol stations, happenings around you and your destination part.

The Go 50 is more interactive with color coding, which means you can watch a glance how traffic flow at particular place and how long a delay there is. Another important feature is 3D map, which let’s you to identify the buildings around you and landmarks. So you can easily figure out the right path and landmarks easily with this option.

You can buy the TomTom Go 50 for under £130 if you hunt around online, and enjoy the smooth driving without any traffic issues.



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