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Adelaine Chua

This is a guest post by Adelaine Chua of CARVE. CARVE is a team of progressionists focused on getting businesses to get the old and have it embrace the new to create the great. Their goal is to create opportunities for people either by achieving its own goals towards expansion or by collaborating with companies or businesses, and creating success for them therefore allowing them to expand and create opportunities for people themselves.


Pinterest, the social media platform that lets you “pin” your likes and interests, have been successful for the past couple of months. Reports from Shareaholic reveals that the social media have increased their traffic by 66% and it’s more than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined.

This is an amazing feat for a social media considering that fact that there are still people who could not see a competitive potential from Pinterest. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the two most dominant names in social media marketing, Pinterest has stayed behind the names of the two titans of the social media world. But if they can maintain the numbers that they are currently producing, it won’t take long before they take the spotlight.

Like Facebook and Twitter, one of the prime factors that made Pinterest an appealing social media platform for users and publishers is the easy share feature. Let’s say, you have a website and you would want to feature your website on Pinterest. Instead of conventionally uploading all of your photos to the site, all you have to do is click on the “+” icon and choose “Add From A Website.” Once you’ve put in your site URL Pinterest will collate all the images from it and you will have the freedom to choose which photos to pin, or share. Easy.

I happened to be one of the few people who had early access to Pinterest. Registration was only available to those who were invited through email. The website has not gone through a lot of changes, I should say. And from what it has become today, its simplicity is one of the keys to the success that the site is getting. And now that it is slowly getting involved into paid ads, it will have the potential to attract even more investors. As a Pinterest fan, and a full time virtual assistant who have managed multiple social media campaigns, I consider this platform the dark horse.

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