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In a highly competitive marketplace, cloud technology helps to level the playing field between large and small companies. The modern business wants to improve operations and workforce management through a paperless workflow that supports mobile devices. A prime example is DOCENTER Inc and their DocLanding cloud document management service. Beyond basic digital storage, DocLanding combines enterprise-level security with robust functionality for greater communication and collaboration between co-workers, customers and vendors.

Leading the charge, Timothy Campbell and Justin Phipps are helping businesses become more productive. They believe that managing documents in the cloud can help the enterprise maximize efficiency while reducing cost. Many small businesses are starting to harness the power of the cloud to make their operations more efficient. It protects documents, frees up hardware space, and it’s very cost-effective.

So, how can this type of service be integrated seamlessly into a business’ workflow? Let’s find out.


Scan, Store, Search, and Share Them

What sets DocLanding apart from the other cloud storage services is that it lets users scan, store, search, and share files and documents. These features basically allow businesses to collaborate and centralize their operations with ease. Here are some of its great features:

Scan – its built-in scanning capabilities make it easier to transition an office to paperless document management. It also offers scanning services for the initial transition, or DocLanding’s team can help connect organizations with a local service provider.

Store – consolidating all their paper and digital information into a centralized repository is now possible. It reduces the risk and expense of maintaining on-site network storage and backup solutions while opening anywhere, anytime access to documents.

Search – users don’t need to search through rows of filing cabinets or stacks of paper. Thanks to digital asset management, DocLanding includes powerful search tools to help find everything related to their inquiry. Since it also uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, searching for documents is faster than ever.

Share – customers, co-workers, and even strategic partners don’t need to send unsecured files through their emails, USB flash drives, and burnt CD-ROMs. Its permissions-based file sharing helps make collaborations easier and more secure.


Managing Documents Online

With its user-friendly tools, paper documents can be easily scanned and stored in the cloud. DocLanding also equips administrators with the ability to create Custom Indices or custom search terms. This allows any user to define searchable values and assign them to file(s). These may not exist in the file name or body of the file (OCR) and can return more precise search results.

Since it takes security seriously, DocLanding is designed with the following features:

– 256-bit SSL encryption

– Stricter control for user access

– Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

– Expiration dates on documents shared

SAS70 II-certified hardened data center

In addition, DocLanding allows users to take advantage of version control. Now, overwriting an important file is a thing of the past.


Sync to Stay Organized

One of its best features is its ability to sync files across all devices, so documents started on the office computer can be continued at home or on the road. Images captured by a smartphone can be easily uploaded to their cloud storage and users can easily preview files on their phone or tablet while waiting for a meeting to start. With this feature, everything is organized and stays up to date.

DocLanding is one of the best cloud storage solutions on the market today. It’s very secure and powerful enough to help businesses manage their files efficiently. With its online tools for sharing, scanning, and storing digital files, flexibility and collaboration in the workplace is now easier than ever.


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