Salespod: Mobilizing Your Sales Operations

Targeting salespersons within the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) segment, the Salespod mobile application is a workforce management tool for outside sales and merchandising operations. Available for Android and iOS platforms, the app enables the managers to remotely track and to interact with their on-field sales representatives. With the app, supervisors can send promotional materials, group SMS, and updated price lists to their sales team. In turn, field representatives can feed their boss with real-time information such as product updates and/or complaints. Below, we’ll discuss the various features of the collaborative app and how it can reinforce your workforce.

Workforce Location and Work Tracking


With a built-in GPS functionality, you can keep track of your sales agents’ real-time location. It transforms your agent’s gadgetries into a digital tracking device. There’s a built in Map to determine if they are delivering the goods and services to the assigned client on time. With the inclusion of “breadcrumb” or trail navigation feature, you can keep track of rep’s movement including whether they’re spending too much time in a single place or if they are making unnecessary “detours” within the required working hours. You can also set specified working hours. All they need to do is to input the start and end times of their workday.

Product Catalogue


The intuitive app also allows you to create a wide range of product catalog containing prices, availability, and other pertinent data. You can also input each product’s quantity, so it’s automatically recorded whenever the order is placed by your client through your sales rep. If ever a certain product gets out of stock, you can instantly contact your supplier and update the data with the smartphone app. Salespod automatically generates a detailed sales report and syncs with your Salespod back office server, so you’re no longer required to record your logistics on a spreadsheet.

Text Messages

TDTextMessagingThe app also features a built-in messaging service with a conversation view. It functions so long as you have an available Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection. You can also engage in group conversations, making it possible for you to blast important announcements to your employees.

Team Billboard


It works similarly like a full-fledge office billboard, except that this one is portable and digital. Utilize the feature to publish crucial notes, reports and team goals on a daily basis. The virtual board also enables them to post text announcements for everyone to read.

Virtual Forms/Documents With Signature Capture


The application also allows you to author personalized survey forms, complaint forms, and/or client data sheet using the application. After creating an electronic mobile form, it’s automatically disseminated to your sales rep’s devices. With this, collecting critical information about your clients is just a tap away. This will help you save a lot of resources by going paperless. With a built-in signature capture mode, end-user agreements and sales contracts no longer require printing. Using the touch interface or built-in third party stylus, you can have the client seal the deal on their mobile devices.

Price Monitoring and Market Analysis


Salespod also allows you to monitor price changes and availability of stocks while you’re in the back office. When a Rep is visiting the client, they can use the application for manually entering relevant data while on the field (price & quantity of product sold). All the gathered information is accessible within the Salespod reports of the back office application. Afterwards, you export the data and disseminate it to your workforce. This tool may also come in handy for analyzing your market competition since it allows your reps to input relevant information on your competitor’s pricing and promos into the database.

What You Need To Know
Salespod has a web version which acts as an admin tool, where you can input data on the team billboard, send a message blast, create virtual forms, update your digital catalogs, and track your employees. The mobile app connects to the web version like a cloud service. This is how you receive their updates, sent digital forms, and order requests. Unlike the web app, the mobile app doesn’t have admin privileges, so you can be assured that all the data can’t be manipulated.

With the features we’ve presented above, Salespod can definitely help you out with your business venture. By investing in the software, you are one step closer to a successful business management. What do you think of this business solution?

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