Apple to Deliver Keynote Presentation – iPhone 5S Info to be Released

On September 10, Apple will deliver its highly anticipated keynote presentation where rumours and speculations regarding the company’s next moves will be put to rest. Included in the media event will be the updates to the company’s famous iPhone series and possible news on its future ventures.

The Cupertino-based tech titan was notorious for not disclosing any prior information before the release of its products. Unlike rivals such as Samsung and Microsoft where beta versions have been made available for testing, Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have been kept inside the lab without anyone having any definite information on the devices. However, netizens and Apple followers have enough information to expect what is to be disclosed on the keynote presentation.


The next generation

The highlight of Apple’s worldwide presentation is undoubtedly the unraveling of the much-talked about iPhone 5S. As per tradition, the company has released details on their next Smartphone annually through one of these media events. It has been a long time since the company released an upgrade for any of its currently available gadgets, and the iPhone 5S is most likely the next one in line.

Leaks available online suggest that the iPhone 5S will be available in colours previously not available with the older versions: gold and silver/graphite. Looking at the suspected exterior of the phone, it seems as if nothing much was changed on the physical design except the noticeably larger camera.

The specs of the new phone will be logically upgraded – from the camera to the security features. Rumours have it that the new phone will feature a high tech retina or fingerprint sensor. Analysts believe that the internal memory of the iPhone 5S larger than its competitors.

Surprisingly, nothing much has been said about the new second version of the iPad Mini. Apple fanatics expect the company will disclose more information about its successor at the Keynote, especially since the holiday season is coming. The iPad Mini was reported to have been among the most wanted gifts in the United States.


Operating systems

After the tech company’s announcement of the iOS 7 a few months ago, the internet has been speculating if the leaked images are representative of the final iteration of the operating system. Gathering both positive and negative feedback from the iPhone community, the iOS 7 will surely dictate the currently robust movement of the app market. With many wishful thinkers posting and blogging about what could have been with the iOS 7, Apple’s keynote presentation might just give light on the polarizing update. The release date of the iOS 7 will also be revealed during the keynote presentation, most likely.

Those who are using Apple’s desktop computer will be glad to know that the much-awaited Mavericks OS will most likely be also revealed officially on September 10. Possibly, another upgrade to the underappreciated Apple Maps will also be featured.


Budget Phone?

The iPhone 5C is still shrouded in mystery, with the most important question still left unanswered by thousands of rumour mills and data miners on the internet. Just how much will the infamous ‘budget iPhone’ cost?


Other highly anticipated announcements include the possibility of the iWatch, iCar, and even the launch of the company’s venture into high definition television – AppleTV. How are you preparing for the tech industry’s media event of the year?

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