10 Things we learned about the iOS 7 from Apple’s Keynote

Aside from the iPhone 5S and 5C, Apple also unveiled in their Keynote last September 10 the latest operating system that will run these sleek machines. Named as the iOS 7, this upgrade promises iDevice fans various functions and features that will make the mobile experience safer and easier. Below is a roundup of the 10 new things to look out for in the iOS 7.

1. Numerous Features – In a news report from International Business Times, Apple’s latest operating system will have 200 new features. These range from security, data organization, entertainment functions, and many more. One of these is the Control Center, an easy to access tab which organizes your most used control buttons and settings. Another one is the new multitasking function which allows you to “switch between apps in a more visual and intuitive way.”

2. Camera – When it comes to photography, mobile shutterbugs will have a variety of camera filters at their disposal to create more interesting images. Switching between camera modes is also easier now that the swipe motion is integrated. Aside from panoramic shots, we now have the option to capture square images for creating a profile picture. In addition, they also redesigned the Photos app for organizing media based on the time and location it was taken.

3. Siri – Users can now choose between a male or female virtual assistant depending on their preference. It can also extract information from new internet sources like Wikipedia, Twitter, and Bing.

4. Safari – Safari just got a makeover with its full screen design that automatically minimizes interface elements when you’re not using them. The search and the address bar are fused together in one smart search field for a simplified experience. Pages are presented in a 3D Rolodex, which allows you to scroll through pages faster and to open as many tabs as possible.

5. AirDrop – With this function, you can share pictures, images, and documents with other iDevice users nearby using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

6. iTunes Radio – It provides a great listening experience by letting you stream radio stations and curate music preferences based on artist, genre, or song.

7. Commuting – By providing pertinent information like home and office address, your iPhone can automatically give updates about different traffic situations. That way, it will be easier to avoid bottleneck traffic situations and congested transits.

8. Password Storage – The iOS 7 allows technophiles to keep account names, passwords and even credit card details in their iCloud accounts. If you plan to visit an online shop or log in to your social networks, it will automatically fill up the details for you. It can also sync these details with other iOS 7 devices and desktops powered with the new OS X Mavericks to create back-up files. Apple ensures that they will provide a strong encryption system for the securing these private information.

9. Find My iPhone Activation Lock – This new security system ensures that personal data stored on your device won’t be easily accessed by others. You also have the option to erase these files remotely. The lock cannot be turned off without the owner’s Apple ID and password.

10. Popular app locator – The App Store also benefited from the system upgrade with its new feature called Apps Near Me which gives a list of the highly recommended apps based on a given location.

The new and improved iOS 7 will be released this September 18. If you’re excited for its debut, share the features that you are excited to see in this new operating system in the comments section below.

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