Quik.io – turn your PC into a media server for your iPhone

If your iPhone is running out of precious internal storage space for your media files, you can put your files in the cloud, for a price. Or, you can stream music and movies from your Windows PC or Mac to your iDevice for free. Quik.io is a file streaming software and mobile app that does just that. This powerful system turns your computer into a media server that transcodes media files on demand for fast, data-efficient streaming.


To get the most out of Quik.io, you’ll need a Windows PC or a Mac, preferably on a wired broadband connection. Streaming performance and compatibility better if your computer and your iDevice are connected to the same network. Also, your computer needs to be connected and running 24 hours a day if you want real streaming anytime, anywhere.


Simply install the server software on your computer and run the program. It will walk you through creating a user account – you can make a new one, or link it with a Facebook or Google account. After this, select the folders where your media files are stored. It will index all your image, music, and movie files, similar to how iTunes does. Finally, install the Quik.io app on your iPhone or iPad, run the app, and sign into your account.


If your PC is online, you’ll find it in the app’s main menu, with all your media files classified according to file types. Quik.io transcodes media files to format types recognized by iOS, after which it streams them to your iDevice. Format conversion is done on demand, so there is no need for manual media transcoding whatsoever. With the exception of digital rights management (DRM) protected streams, it can transcode and stream virtually any type of media format. This is possible due to the program’s robust lineup of numerous audio and video codecs.


Besides the ability to auto-resume, playback performance is both smooth and fast, but without the excess bandwidth. Quik.io makes this possible by utilizing a low-bit rate audio codec during transcoding. Audio is sampled at a decent rate of 64 kilobits per second (kbps), minimizing data traffic and freeing up bandwidth. This can reduce your mobile data consumption if you’re on a capped mobile Internet contract. The compression feature, among others, is available through an upgrade.


By purchasing the full $3.99 Premium Media Package, Quik.io can also enable you to save files to your iDevice for offline use and secure them with passwords. It also adds a QuikSend feature that allows you to send files to other registered Quik.io users. You can even enable subtitle streams when you play video, as well as switch between audio tracks for movies. Finally, an important feature of the upgrade is that it adds support for iTunes playlists, and audio formats such as FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, and Windows Media.


Quik.io brings media streaming on your iPhone or iPad to a whole new level of performance. This system incorporates some of the most solid core feature sets in a free package. For less than $5, you can get the full functionality that makes this app even more powerful.


What do you think of Quik.io? Review the app and share with us your thoughts, comments, and feedback.

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