What Kind of Geek Are You?


Geekiness has become a new brand of hotness. Now, many are even embracing their inner-geek, to the point that it’s becoming overrated at times. No matter, a true geek will know how to shine through.

You’d have to say thanks to shows like Glee and Big Bang Theory in really putting geek culture to a mainstream pedestal. The question now is, what kind of geek are you? Or what kind of geek are you dating? An infographic entitled “Are you dating a Geek?” illustrates that challenging question in this era of internet technology. Let’s take a closer look.

For all obvious reasons, these people are the ones you would most probably meet in bars, at parties, or other social events. As the above mentioned infographic puts it, “they are likely to be a relatively confident person who enjoys being quite active.” The likes of Rachel Green on Friends are not geek types.


Hot Geek
A somewhat “rare pokemon” of the human species, a hot geek is someone who, as our resource defines, “manages to combine great personality and good looks whilst also harbouring a naturally nerdy side.” Popular characters who are classic examples of this type of geek is Clark Kent, and Jess of the TV show New Girl.


Funny Geek
If it’s entertaining dates you want, better go look for a funny geek. They would rather enjoy spending time with you in an arcade than sitting down to a romantic dinner for two. If you are familiar with the infamous comedy movie American Pie, the character Michelle is a good example.


Alter-Ego Geek
This person may have two pronged personality and one of those sides is where all the geekiness emanate. Taking on this geek type may mean being whisked away to a romantic movie date one day, and then a Star Wars convention the next.


Academic Geek
If you fancy someone like Ross of Friends or Hermione of the Harry Potter movies, then this geek is for you. They may seem serious but most probably because of the misunderstanding of their studious nature. They know how to have a good time but be aware that the occasional grammar corrections or unknown fact sharing will slip in-between conversations.


Ultimate Geek
Sheldon and Amy of Big Bang Theory is the epitome of all geek. One is a theoretical physicist (B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D.,Sc.D.) while the other has a Ph.D. in neurobiology (can you get any geekier than that?). A ‘normal’ conversation between the two may be a bit challenging to follow, but it will never be boring (and Sheldon always wants win). Be ready to talk about comic books, video games, science fiction, and world domination.

So, what type of geek are you?


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