Facebook Etiquette 101: Dos and Don’ts

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Whoever doesn’t know Facebook may have been living with Patrick Star, that is, under a rock.

On that note, isn’t it irritating when someone posts something that should be considered “NSFW” (Not Safe for THE WORLD to see), or when someone comments making you cringe or go to your panic room for three days.

Nice to know there are others who feel the same way, like Michael Poh of Hongkiat.com. In his article Essential Facebook Etiquette: 10 Dos And Don’ts, he listed some practices that should be observed by many when using the social page. But as he disclaims, “the fact is that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to social interactions. So, I encourage all of you to take these with a grain of salt and apply them as you deem fit!”

Here are just a few dos and don’ts that he mentioned:


DO Use the Chat Box When its Private Matters

Walls have ears, so does the Facebook Wall. Just how you would trust a close friend to not divulge private matters in person, should apply in FB walls. Intimate secrets, or moments with close friends should be kept in the same circle of friends. Posting them on your friend’s wall may just cost you their friendship.


DON’T befriend strangers

It’s a classic rule of parents – Don’t Talk to Strangers. “Some people have this idea that the number of ‘friends’ you have on Facebook is a status of your popularity in real-life,” Poh points out. That “popularity” claim is defeated when most of the friends you have are actually people who don’t know you at all. Poh does explain that, “if you wish to add someone for some valid reason, like to get to know this girl you have a crush on, do so with some introduction or through a mutual friend. Skipping that step only leaves a bad impression of you, which is the last thing you want.”


DO Think Before You Post

It’s just like how the classic saying goes: “think before you speak”. Social networks are made to freely express yourself but that freedom means being responsible of the consequences that come after.


DON’T Flame Your Friends

“Everyone is entitled to state their own opinion on the free internet, so there’s no need to put anyone down just because you disagree (or worse, don’t like the person),” Poh explains. Just think about the golden rule – do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

Poh has eleven of them listed so you can try and read more from there. Also, searching in Google will result in many other etiquette suggestions that you may just be overlooking. It’s all about respect.

Include this photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ekelly80/6342059345/ (courtesy of Erin ekelly80)

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