Dive Into the Sony Xperia ZR

Tokyo, Japan based company Sony announced that it has a new product in their lineup. Users who want to bring their devices anywhere without worries, the Sony Xperia ZR is your perfect match. Read on to find out why.


Falling In Love with Xperia ZR Let’s take an in depth look at the features of this power packed device. The company promises that this phone is worth your money. It is dust resistant with a durable glass for a screen. The real selling point though is, the Xperia ZR is certified to be waterproof. It can be submerged in water up to 30 minutes without affecting its performance. You can take it with you to capture your underwater adventure.


The phone also boasts of an HD quality screen, which uses the Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 to give you the best viewing experience. You will see images that make you feel as if you’re viewing the actual subject with your eyes. This is made possible through contrast enhancement, colour management, noise reduction and sharpness filter tied the technology.


On their website the company said, “Expertise from our BRAVIA® TV engineers, goes into our mobile screens, to bring you the same quality you’d expect from a top quality HDTV.” As if these impressive features were not enough, Sony decided to give the ZR a 13 megapixel camera to help you capture precious moments. The sensor used in the phone is similar to the technology that Sony uses on their cameras. Equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities, this device can record detailed and crisp images of backlit subjects.


You don’t have to worry about poor quality photos when you use this phone. Aside from having a burst mode, which takes images at 10 frames per second, it also has Superior Auto. This feature guarantees that you get the best shot using its 36 programmed scenes. This Android Jellybean device was given by the company an edge on power management as well. Smartphones consume battery power at a very fast rate. With the ZR’s Battery STAMINA mode, your phone would not drain needlessly. It turns off the functions of that you don’t need when the phone is on sleep mode. If you want to learn more about this impressive new offering visit Xperia™ ZR’s Official Page.



Would you want to get your hands on one? Why? Why not? Let us know on the comments below!

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