Despicable Me’s Minions Get Their Own Spin-Off Movie

Behind every successful super-villain are hard-working, ill-acknowledged, and often oh-so-cute minions.

Take Gru,the ambitious yet fatherly super-villain of the Despicable Me movie franchise. Without his genetically-mutated, tiny, yellow-skinned, denim-wearing, and ever so loyal minions, he wouldn’t be able to unleash his “evil schemes” into the world, right? Well, since Gru’s minions are now successful in their own right, Illumination Entertainment decided to give them their own movie.

Minions” is the working title of the planned spin-off movie and it will be some sort of a prequel. They have been serving history’s most ambitious villains since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, their rather cute clumsiness led to the demise of these villains. Fast forward to the 1960’s—without any new master to serve, three of the Minions decided to set out and find a new one. Chancing upon a villain convention, they meet Scarlet Overkill, an over-stylish, Audrey Hepburn wannabe, wants to be the world’s first female super-villain.

Lending their voices for the Minions’ first feature film are Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm, giving life to the characters Scarlet Overkill and her husband Herb Overkill. Sandra Bullock has been known for trying her acting in different genres from wacky comedy to heavy drama. She signed up to voice Scarlet Overkill, the movie’s super-villain wannabe. This will be a departure from her upcoming sci-fi drama, “Gravity”, directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Giving life to Scarlet Overkill’s husband Herb will be Jon Hamm, star of the hit TV drama series “Mad Men”. Herb is described as an inventor who could be for or against Scarlett’s dream of world domination. With an Academy Award and Golden Globe award winners, this movie may be something to look forward to come December 2014, the “Minions” targeted release date.

While we’re waiting for our beloved Minions’ solo movie, Despicable Me 2 will hit the theatres on the 3rd of July. Are you looking forward to this movie?


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