Is Your Business Cloud-Ready? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Giving you quick access to your most important files and documents, Cloud computing services have shown great benefits for entrepreneurs and marketers on the go. It allows them to continue work productivity on their mobile devices even if they’re away from their office PCs and laptops. Apple’s iCloud comes with built-in Cloud apps such as the Calendar, Mail and iTunes. There are also services such as DropBox that allows you to share large files faster to your colleagues and teams.

Based on the study released by Gartner, 30 percent of IT businesses listed under Global 1000 companies will integrate and customize two or more cloud servers by 2014, which is 5 percent more than its previous year. Although most businesses are moving to the Cloud, many are still skeptical about it, especially when it comes to security.

In Australia, 19 percent of small business owners openly claimed they use the Cloud services, while 45 percent are planning to invest in it in the future. The same study also revealed that 39 percent of Generation Y entrepreneurs know more about Cloud computing services than other business owners.

If you are still thinking about moving to the Cloud, you may want to check out this insightful infographic presenting the number of companies also thinking about investing in this new computing system and why others, just like you, are still undecided to get to the Cloud.


featured image courtesy of opensourceway (via Flickr)

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