Time to get Mobile: The Rise of M-Commerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the world turns mobile, the need to have a responsive theme for business sites becomes a necessity for entrepreneurs. That’s because 75 percent of the world has access to mobile and most of them usually utilize their Smartphone and tablet to access their social media pages, shop online and check their bank accounts. Today, having a website is not enough to have a successful online marketing campaign; your business must now have a mobile site that loads quickly. In a study, 60 percent of mobile users said they will only wait three seconds for a page to load, unfortunately, 77 percent of mobile sites today takes more than five seconds to load.

In a video interview, Director of eCommerce for Montreal-based Browns Shoes Richard Sejean said, “What we consider as a great shopping online now versus five years ago was definitely not the same thing. We realize that if we want to drive innovation then we need to step it up and something had to be done to cater to mobile shoppers.”

But how do you get started on your m-commerce site? Presented below is an insightful infographic on the business strategies and tactics you should apply to have a successful mobile commerce site.


Why your website must be mobile friendly

image courtesy of Logo Design Ltd [via Visual.ly]

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