Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Apple’s iPhone 5 – Place Your Bets!

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As the competition gets stiffer between Android and iOS devices, Samsung and Apple are on their toes in creating the best Smartphone on the market. Last year, an estimated 27.4 million iPhone 5 units were shipped worldwide, overtaking Samsung Galaxy S3’s fourth quarter sales.

The research performed by Strategy Analytics also showed that Apple’s iPhone 4S was the second most shipped units in the world (17.4 million hardware). But, Apple shouldn’t be all that complacent. Although the California-based company outshined the Galaxy S3 in 2012, its successor has more power to feature.

Set to be launched on the market this second quarter of 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S4 presents something bigger and better power than its predecessor. To see who will win between the battle of Apple and Samsung, we will compare the upcoming Galaxy installment to the iPhone 5.

First, the screens between the two devices are incomparable. Just like its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 came with Full HD AMOLED 5-inch screen with clear 1080 x 1920 pixels (441 pixels per inch). Updating its screen protection, it now has the Cornings Gorilla Glass 3 cover and the latest TouchWiz UI option. Apple’s iPhone 5 sports the 4.3-inch Retina Display with 640 x 1136 pixels (326 pixels per inch). In addition, the clear screen is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass and oleophobic coating for protection against dust and direct sunlight.

Although the new Samsung will be lighter and slimmer than the previous one, it is still bigger than the iPhone 5. The Galaxy S3 weighs 139 grams and bulkier compared to the upcoming Galaxy Smartphone. The S4 will only weigh 130 grams and very slim at 7.9 mm. However, with a 5-inch display, this new Samsung phone still doesn’t work for small-handed users. On the other hand, iPhone 5 is lighter and perfectly fits small- and big-handed users. It only weighs 112 grams and 7.6 mm.

Instagram fans will love the new and improved camera on the Galaxy S4. Carrying a 13-megapixel rear camera, it has the power to produce clearer high definition pictures and videos. The 2-megapixel camera has the improved version of Smart Play, where the screen pauses when you’re looking away and plays back when you look back on the display (Smart Pause and Scroll). The iPhone 5, on the other hand, has the 8-megapixel back camera that has the panoramic picture option. The iSight, which is 25 percent smaller, allows you to take an impressive 240 degrees of panorama up to 28-megapixels, FaceTime HD camera and an enhance 1080p HD video with face detection for up to 10 faces.

In conclusion, the 2012 was the year that Apple overshadowed Samsung as they released the iPhone 5, however, this year seems to be the perfect time for the Korean-company to take over the market as they released the new and improved Galaxy S4.

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