Adobe Creative Suite 6: The Industry Standard

For those with a few bucks to spare we take a look at top graphic design software Adobe Design Standard.

Adobe’s master suite of software programs is the closest you can get in almost any industry to having the complete package. Just one of its software programmes would keep many graphic designers content, yet the suite offers a multitude of options, including industry leaders such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

Adobe has long established its reputation as a master innovator in the world of design. Their footprint of cutting edge technology and artistic creativity is all over the suite. Helpfully, and unlike many of their competitors, Adobe also offers all of its software programmes for sale individually.

Picture Perfect

Photoshop is the programme which is so widely used and referenced that it’s made it into the dictionary. If you need to discreetly make a volcano-sized spot on your tip of your nose disappear from your graduation photo, look no further than Adobe Photoshop CS6. Photographers, designers and FHM models swear by it and, what’s more, it’s easy and straightforward to use. With a plethora of features and functions, Photoshop can help you to create images which are in a league of their own, so long as you have the time and inclination to take editing to the next level.


Mobile support from Adobe in the shape of the Lava Color Mixing app, for example, means that even images edited on your iPad can experience a little of the Robert Capa magic.


360-degree panorama is achieved beautifully with Photoshop. Individual photos can be seamlessly stitched together to create a panorama worth climbing Everest to capture.


HDR imaging can make almost any photo look professional by simply adjusting features such as the edge glow, exposure, tone and detail.

Filters and effects in Photoshop are among the best in the business for giving your image a few artistic flourishes and aesthetically pleasing finishes. Basic filters like Artistic and Blur are ably supplemented by master tools such as Puppet Warp, which allow you to completely reinvent any image.



No matter what design tools you have at your disposal, you will need to devote considerable time and effort into learning how to master them if you want to get the most out of your software. Naturally, with such a huge array of functions, features and tools available, there is more to learn when using Adobe’s Design Standard suit than you might find with most design packages.

Helpfully, Adobe’s crown jewels (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) all have similar layouts, so by getting accustomed to one programme, the learning curve may not be too steep for the others. Adobe’s programmes have a well-deserved reputation for excellent user interfaces. Once you get over the initial beginner’s crash course, you should be able to navigate through all three programmes fairly easily and pick up things as you go along without too much bother.

InDesign is the standout winner in terms of intuitive programming. It is quick and easy to understand the page layout, and its Master Pages allow you to easily manage multiple-page documents. Crucially for the novice, it goes to extraordinary lengths to give your project the finishing touches worthy of a professional. InDesign will also give you a list of all of your document errors, especially unlinked layers and images, as well as faults in textural and colour management.

InDesign for Printing

Adobe’s InDesign continues to lead the way in print layout features – so much so that the print and online media industries would be somewhat lost without it. Whether you want to customise your layout or stick to standard practices, InDesign will help you make sure that your document is suitable for top media publishers. Within the world of design, InDesign is Mr Smooth; everything it does is seamless. All the important features, such as image placement, advanced paragraph formatting and font support, are there and importing images and texts has never been so easy. It’s compatibility with Adobe’s other top applications, like Photoshop and Illustrator, make it the perfect finishing tool.



The Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard may cost you a fair few shillings but for the aspiring or professional designer it is by far and away the industry leader. You do get what you pay for, but if you can’t afford the whole suit then don’t be afraid to pick and choose from the programmes which you are likely to use most.

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