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Star Wars supremo George Lucas has finally sold his golden goose to Disney in a deal worth over $4 billion. Disney plans to put the franchise into hyperdrive by releasing a new movie every couple of years or so from 2015. As you await the old juggernaut to launch its next blockbuster, here is a quick recap of some of our favourite beasties.



Jabba the Hutt

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Any scene with Jabba is worth his weight in gold. Perhaps the most memorable was seeing him kick back and relax while keeping a chained Princess Leia captive. Hearing Jabba speak is almost as big a delight as watching his royal grotesqueness wriggle about and chow down on live squirmy aliens.


If you have been on the wrong part of the internet lately, you might have seen this photo (SFW). It is very hard to un-see after.




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Another creature who is fantastic to see and perhaps even better to listen to. His “arrouhoars” are impossible to imitate or even replicate in print. The gigantic fur ball even has an amazing name. His interaction with the other characters was always a joy to watch and the menacing looks he gave C3PO as the pompous robot tried to put him in his place were pure movie magic.


Watching him lug a dismantled C3PO on his back will also truly live long in the memory. I can almost hear C3PO berating the Wookie now. His partnership with Han Solo was another one of the most endearing aspects of the trilogy – you can’t help but smile when listening to Hans’ efforts at placating the enormous humanoid. A great fighter with a big heart and not too bad with a spanner either; Chewbacca is truly a great companion to have at your side.



Rancor by Name, Rancorous by Nature

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You knew that whatever Jabba had in store for his captives was going to be big and menacing but it was still a shock to the system see Rancor emerge from his his pit of doom. The sheer size of him and the enormity of his claws took the breath away. Watching his weeping minder being consoled by a fellow thug was one of those fantastic comedy Star Wars moments which will forever be remembered.



Sand People

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“oooorrrrhhhh, orrh, orrh, orrrhhhhhhhhh”. You remember it. Don’t pretend you don’t. The eponymous war cry was another captivating moment nigh impossible to forget. Their ambush of Luke and his robots was a fantastic way to lead up to the introduction of scene-stealer Obi-Wan Kenobi. Their get-up looks like something you imagine people wearing in a nuclear holocaust and they have the coolest retro goggles this side of the Death Star.



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Ok, having so many creatures that look like Care Bears in the final episode of the original trilogy might have detracted from the seriousness of Luke and the rebellion’s plight, but even the most hardened spirit can’t help softening when watching the little ones get trampled on, shot at and pummelled by heartless storm troopers. Their heroism in taking on the might of the Empire contrasts delightfully in their childish enthusiasm for C3PO’s recounting of the rebellion’s struggles. They put out some kicking tunes at the end, too. Hey, if they can make Luke the Duke smile, they can’t be all bad.



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If only I had a pet like this when I was at school, I would have ruled the playground. That’s probably what Jabba was thinking when he acquired this huge, ravenous live stomach. Sarlaccs are an imperious way to intimidate your enemies and, should you wish to knock off a few people, then you don’t even need to worry about how to dispose of the body/evidence.


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Who wants a pony when you can have one of these furry beasts of burden. A cross between a camel and um, err… a bison, these ice-planet dwellers are fantastic for those arctic treks. They are also great to cuddle up to on a cold night and, should your beast die on you, it can still prevent hypothermia if you open up its guts and crawl inside its belly. Just don’t expect room service after.



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