The Breakfast Club of Tech

Since founding the site, we’ve been gradually growing our pool of  writers to include some exceptionally talented individuals. Get to know a bit more about our team:


Jimmy Wentz


What can we say about Jimmy? For starters, there is only one ‘JW’. A freelance writer who was born in the shadow of his father’s humming, whirring IBM 5150 (one of the earliest PCs on the market). He has since gone on to spend most of his life either working with or writing about technology.

Connect with Jimmy on Google+ and via Twitter @WentzTheMenace.


Reese Jones

Reese Jones has always loved to chat; to her friends, toys, even to her parents, she was always nattering away. So it was only natural that she took to SMS and IM like a duck to water. Then when Twitter and Facebook came along, of course Reese leapt on the services while her friends were still going on about MySpace and Blogger. Now she sees writing on tech matters as an opportunity to talk to even more people about the things she loves. We shouldn’t forget, Reese is also a die-hard fan of iOS and console games.

Find more about her and her work at Reese+ and tweet her @r_am_jones.

Lily Sommers

Lily is one of Techiedoodlers’ newest writers. While some girls fancy makeup, clothes, and jewelries, some prefer gadgets over accessories. “Gadget girl”? Yup, that’s her! When smart phones started to emerge, she was one of the first to be seen with one in hand. For her, having the latest gadget is a fashion statement that any girl should have. And the best way she could ever show the world about her love for consumer electronics is to write about it!

You can follow Lily on Twitter (@LilySommers) and Google+


 Allie Cooper

Even at a very young age, Allie had a knack for gaming and is a true gamer at heart! Naturally, writing game reviews was her next step. She fell hard for writing and ventured deeper into the world of Tech as she loves to get her hands on new gadgets, try freshly released apps and keeps up-to-date with the changing social media trends.So when it comes to anything “Techie”, this girl is always out on watch!

Follow Allie on Twitter (@AllieCooper_18) and Google+.

Nadia Hyeong

One of our quirkier writers, Nadia discovered her knack for tech ever since she ‘hacked’ her first computer. She is interested in anything that involves gaming, technology, and entertainment. She is also an avid Android enthusiast as well as a Star Wars fanatic (with a particularly soft-spot for Chewbacca).

When not watching Star Trek re-runs, Nadia likes to dust-off her old SNES to play retro-classic games like Super Mario and Zelda.

Catch Nadia on Twitter @NadiaHyeong, she is also on Google+

Charlie Schofield

Deeply enthusiastic about all things stylish and refined, Charlie often talks (and writes) about the finer things in tech. Whether it be a list of essential gadgets for the modern gentleman or the must-have stylish devices for the year, you can count on Charlie to cover it.

Socialise with Charlie on Twitter @schofieldwrites

Sookie Lioncourt

Aside from having one kick-ass name, Sookie is also one kick-ass accordion player (she still refuses to let us upload a video of her playing her instrument!). When not practicing or taking her boston terrier for a walk, Sookie spends her time writing about the latest entertainment apps, music gadgets, and films.

Say hi to Sookie on Twitter @sookielioncourt

Zoe Allen

Zoe is probably the most free-sprited of our lot, having spent her gap year exploring the temple ruins of South East Asia. She is also a gadget junkie, never failing to carry along her many gizmos on any regular trip (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). Zoe likes to write about the many gadgets and tech that makes travelling more interesting.

Follow Zoe’s adventures on Twitter @ZoeAllennn

Taylor Jennings

The self-proclaimed techie traveller was put on this earth to discover every techie thing there is. Taylor started tinkering with computers at a young age and it became his goal in life to learn, understand and share his knowledge on how technology evolves. He chronicles his findings whether it be new gadgets or apps for the sake of the human race.

 Taylor can also be found on Twitter @taylorj427

Lucy Price

For starters, Lucy is a passionate blogger who tackles various kinds of topics specializing in gadgets and fashion. She travels a lot which makes her more open to ideas that are not present in a specific area, may it be on how one dresses or how the gadgets and technology differ in different places. Lucy is also an animal-lover and she does volunteer work for charities.

Tweet Lucy @lucyyyprice

Kyle Albert

As everyone who knows him can attest to…  Kyle is a man who always tries to make things interesting. Which of course, always manifests in his writing. He writes to express his opinions on a wide range of topics that involve technology, gadgets, politics, productivity, and art. Kyle also has an ever changing and eclectic taste in music.

You can hang out with Kyle on Twitter @KyleAlbert9

Lucas Blackburn

JRPG lover and self-confessed geek ever since his hands were big enough to hold a controller and keyboard. Luc loves to share insights about tech’s latest trends (games, gadgets, Android, etc.).

Once he gets a hold of any man-made push-button thingies he can’t stop hitting those keys to share his first-hand experience. When not practicing as a bass player in a little-know band, Luc collects old or “vintage” – as he puts it – mobile phones.

Follow Luc on Twitter @blackburnwrites


Jenni Birch

Jenni has always been mesmerized by music, poetry, digital paintings, and everything else artsy (though art never seemed to love her back).  When Jenni is not fangirling over her favorite bands and digital artists, she’s probably surfing the world wide web and looking for clues about the coming apocalypse, the possibility of zombie invasions, and some spooky urban legends.

Catch her random tweets and blurbs here: @WrittenByJenni