Since Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1990, digital technology has gone from being a minority interest to becoming second nature to almost the entire planet. Now many of us use it for keeping in touch with clients and colleagues, and generally doing our day job. But digital technology isn’t just useful, it also presents us with many new creative outlets and can be a lot of fun.

At Techiedoodlers we love technology and we love sharing this passion. Nothing makes us happier than surfing the web for the latest tech news – and then passing it on. So, remember TechiDoodlers when you’re hunting for gossip on gadgets, when you want the lowdown on graphic and web design, if you’re after updates on the latest social media trends, or you after some useful tech tips or tutorials.

TechieDoodlers was founded in October 2012 by people who were frustrated with not finding tech articles that spoke to them. We wanted to provide the tech stories and features we’d been looking for. We hope you enjoy the site.


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