Do you want to know how you can control your home’s cooling and heating? Here is the best product. “ECOBEE WIFI”.

Now you can control your homes cooling and heating with your phone and with your voice as well. The new smart eco bee 2018 is more advanced and flexible that can help you to save money on energy. Stylish body having Black Square with rounded edges ecobee3 is advanced Wi-Fi enabled thermostat with remote sensor. However, it does not stop here with the pleasant look, there are plenty of technologies which can help to efficiently and mange your home cooling and heating on your demand.

When we talk about the older stuff so, back on market of 2011 (conventional white, rectangular) box the original Nest learning thermostat took the world around by storm. Following the example set by nest 2nd generation thermostat ecobee3 is now ruling the market. Due to innovative model have impressive sets and features that can wow any potential buyer. This high-tech device gives you the taste of future by effectively taking charge of your HVAC, heating cooling, ventilation and sir conditioning system with less of your efforts.

Basic functions:


Some of the basic function about the about which everyone should know before buying it. Ecobee3 is borderline genius; it works more efficiently and in advanced way than other of its counterparts. It displays natural intelligence by understanding your current system of your home. And by understanding automatically your home energy profile it turns its heating or cooling system, whatever is required. By considering a lot of factor accordingly as to make sure you kept comfortable all day. This device automatically gathers data of your current temperature of your home and the weather outside your home, to ensure that you are given maximum comfort.

Eco bee3 is relatively different from another thermostat because it has remote sensor system that can. Due to this sensor it allows thermostat to detect the person in room, or if there is no person in room.

Buying ecobee3 thermostat, company will give you one free remote sensor. However, you can own up to 32 remote sensors, but you must buy at your own separately. Adding more sensors will benefit you by making your thermostat smarter. Place sensor accordingly to your wish in important rooms and eco bee 3 will automatically adjust your temperature. As eco bee 3 says “it delivers where it matters and savings where it counts” and they are quite impressively following to their own words by making their customers happy.

Additional features:

Some of the exciting and amazing feature of the product, Eco bee 3 gives you boost of unique features that a customer possibly wants.

Beginning with common features of eco bee 3, that you can control your thermostat from anywhere at your home easily, depends upon a decent Wi-Fi connection. As it is quite good and useful who want to adjust and control remotely the cooling and heating temperature so as they could come back home they can have a perfect room temperature and can enjoy the comfort.

This can be possible by having a home kit. And there is a benefit for apple users, they can take control their home by using their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and can adjust their thermostat.

Now you can say hello to future as eco bee allows you to control your thermostat at your finger tips and imagine you can control by commanding your Siri. But its just not only benefit apple users other than that it also works on smart phones, tablets and computers.

Installation process:

For installing successfully eco bee 3 thermostat it depends on your HVAC system and your level of electrical wiring savvy. The ideal one consists of five wire system, in which you can swap your old thermostat for into new eco bee 3. If your HVAC unit has four wires and your thermostat is running over to it, so don’t worry you aren’t out of luck but you need to follow some additional steps to deal it with. The Ecobee3 thermostat basically requires a C (or Common) wire connection, in which you won’t be able to find on four wire HVAC systems. To solve this problem simply you need something called a Power Extender kit with your purchase free of charge that alternatively works as C wire, so you don’t need to worry about having fifth wire by yourself or by calling an electrician for this work. This eases your worries and makes your installation of eco bee 3 easily.

Here there is a lot of amazing stuff which you need to know, about HVAC system to install the extender kit, and you need to connect it directly to the controller board on you HVAC unit. If you face any problem you need to reconfigure wiring, but in this case, you must call someone experienced because dyers are difficult to do it by your own. After completion all steps of installation final thing is to do is registration and connecting your thermostat with your web and mobile apps and now you can enjoy the benefits of eco bee 3?




Best energy saver:

I am sure everyone wants to save their product’s energy and if you are looking for best energy saver so you should go for this, a perfect device which gives you tons of benefits and another perfect thing about this is it saves much of your energy. The saves depend on your use but surely it saves your maximum energy. It is estimated that the users of eco bee 3 saves up to 23% on their energy bills.

By turning its programming to weekly schedule means you are likely to use it, the heating and cooling. The simple way is to turn this device on and leave it. The smart sensor will detect it by itself, if a person is there the system will work and when you leave system will automatically switch off.

Every month you will get a IQ energy report that will show your energy consuming in detail so that you will get to know about how much you are using energy and where you have been using energy. And estimates savings over the month.


Also, company will provide you email service in which you get alerts if your system needs maintenance. Depending on area in which you live, company sometimes offers special discounts on bills for their customers.


  • A smart device which automatically detects and adjusts temperature accordingly to the weather outside and inside your home as to provide you maximum comfort.
  • Having equipped with motion sensor, this thermostat knows when someone is at home or while you leave. When a person leaves it adjust the home temperature automatically to save your money and energy.
  • Perks of Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to adjust your homes temperature anytime and from anywhere, on one touch with the use of computer, smartphone, tablets, or apple watches you can control your device. And on purchase you will be given an access to settings from website, app or even the wall unit itself.
  • Every month you will be provided usage report in detail which will let you know about your energy consuming, so that you can adjust your usage.
  • Eco bee 3 provides a special power extender kit which eases your worries of having need of C wire.
  • Eco bee 3 company will provide its purchaser a 3 year of warranty.



  • As eco bee 3 thermostats says it does not need C wire connection or common wire to operate using, so it provides you power extender kit. But without C wire and using extender kit sometimes this can lead to some erratic connectivity problems.
  • Eco bee 3 thermostat uses slider to adjust the temperature, which means it’s not that much helpful and isn’t the most intuitive method. It is quite challenging and it’s frustrating to change the temperature a degree or two.

Eco bee specifications

  • This thermostat is compatible with conventional, heat pump, electric, and gas and oil systems.
  • Also compatible with ventilators, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, ERV or HRV.
  • It has encryption technology which ensures you that your data is secure.
  • It sets desired temperature range of 45 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Thermostat sensors have an ability to detect temperature, humidity, motion and proximity.
  • It has remote sensors which detect motion and temperature of your home.
  • To be more in depth this device has Width: 3.93”; height: 3.93”; depth: 0.9”.
  • The most god thing about this device is that it has 5” LCD display; 320×480 resolution.
  • PVC-free; arsenic-free; ROHS compliant; mercury-free; recyclable packaging.


Things which made you in love with this device:

There are so many things in this device that will surely made you in love with this device and you won’t be regretting after buying it,  but getting more specific, it has data Rhythm technology which constantly monitors weather outside and inside of your home, to make sure it will provide you the right temperature all day. Can controls heating and cooling your home virtually hands-free.

It also regulates indoor humidity and keeps your home comfortable. It may seem you complicated at once but it’s easy and user-friendly device. This device hence a full pack of comfortability providing its purchaser and users.


Summarizing it by saying that, the eco bee 3 Wi-Fi thermostats with remote sensor ability hence is smarter and is more advanced than many of other thermostat on the market today. Its user-friendly technology helps you to minimize your energy bills each month. And the best part of this device is that it does not need C wire to install it. To learn more about visit Best Smart Thermostat 2018.